Dear colleagues!

UE "Stolin-DSPMK-32" heartily congratulate you on the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!
This Day in History - the main holiday. The victory - the victory of the people, the victory of good over evil, the victory of love and patriotism over predatory instincts.
So let them live forever the memory of the soldiers who gave us the world, if not to forget the feat over the years, let every kid knows what the loss was worth this terrible war, and never betray the ideals written in the blood of our land, our homeland - it is the birthplace of the great unconquered people .
Victory Day !

Dear women!

Our lovely, kind, loyal companion in work and in life and, tireless toiler and guardian of the family hearth!
UE "Stolin DSPMK-32" congratulates you with the main Women's Day - March 8!

How symbolic that we meet this holiday was with the arrival of spring, with the beginning of a wonderful renewal of nature and once again we express our respect and admire feminine creative principle. On your strength, wisdom and patience holds the world.

Spring and woman - a magical synonyms. And, realizing this, we thank you for the beauty and tenderness, kindness and spiritual sensitivity, understanding, and a special, you just inherent wisdom.
You surround us men love and attention and, despite numerous concerns related to work and family, and give us peace and happiness. Do not get tired of sharing their warmth and support us with a kind word and inspire feats, creativity and labor.

Thank you dear women, because we have you!
In this wonderful holiday with all your heart and sincerely wish you happiness quivering, vibrant and unique feelings, love and respect, to overcome all the difficulties of the present day.

Be always so sweet and charming, worthy of your feet men tried to throw all the treasures of this world!


The company offers to provide people and organizations at affordable prices the following services:
- Construction of individual housing and hozpostroek (including " turn-key ");
- Carry out any construction and installation works ;
- Landscaping : laying paving slabs , lawn , etc .;
- Laying pipelines and sewerage ;
- Transport services

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